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The UW-Madison HIPAA Compliance Program is updating policies, forms, FAQs, and guidelines to better serve your needs.  Additionally -- we are migrating content from these pages to www.compliance.wisc.edu/hipaa; once we complete the migration, this site will retire and visitors to these pages will be re-directed to that location.  Thank you in advance for your patience! 

Please forward your website improvement suggestions to hipaa@wisc.edu.   


UW-Madison HIPAA Security Officer

Stefan Wahe, (608) 265-1177, stefan.wahe@wisc.edu

HIPAA Security Coordinators

School of Medicine and Public Health: Rick Konopacki, (608) 263-3181, rick.konopacki@wisc.edu  

School of Pharmacy: Mike Pitterle, (608) 262-9477, michael.pitterle@wisc.edu

School of Nursing: Brian Coulter, (608) 263-4539, bcoulter@wisc.edu

University Health Services: Theresa Regge, (608) 265-2533, tjregge@uhs.wisc.edu

Waisman Center (Clinical Units): Douglas Swiggum, (608) 263-3467, swiggum@waisman.wisc.edu

Waisman Center (Graduate School): Carl Karcher, (608) 263-5896, ckarcher@wisc.edu   

State Laboratory of Hygiene: James Younger, (608) 221-6266, james.younger@slh.wisc.edu

Athletics Department: Robert Lahey, (608) 265-4701, rjl@athletics.wisc.edu